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Our main goal is to help new investors through loan note investments across Canada.
Maple Leaf Capital was incorporated as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to acquire commercial properties for a diversified investment with long-term leases and a multi-tenant structure.

Founder and real estate market expert Sinan Sami, who has had a flourishing career in real estate, initially started his career selling commercial property, where he successfully sold several industrial and land investments.
From thereon, he moved to Dubai to study the ‘real estate scene’ and to further his skills, knowhow and expertise. During his time in Dubai, Sinan worked with many reputable brokerage firms and well-known developers throughout his employment with the widely known Emaar Properties.

With Maple Leaf Capital, Sinan’s main goal is to help new investors, aiding them in the administration, purchasing and management of their assets through credit note investments across Canada.

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