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Our Strategy

We use specific tools and strategies to hand-pick the right commercial investment for you.

In order to hand-pick the right commercial investment property for you, we use specific tools and strategies, asking the right questions to gather as much information as possible on each investment.

Due diligence is something we do extensively in order to find a sustainable property investment for you that will not only offer market-beating returns but also:

Delivers consistent YoY rental returns

Is fully managed and funded on your behalf

Has an exit strategy

meets your expectations of global standard

We do not believe in charging an upfront admin fee, but rather receive income on the property after the purchase has been made, in order to benefit at the same time as the investor. Talking to us or approaching us for advice is, therefore, completely obligation-free.

To help you acquire the right commercial property with long-term leases and returns, our strategy is as follows:

  • Acquire and manage commercial real estate assets that have a core-plus risk profile with value-added return potential.
  • Purchase properties that provide cashflow as soon as they are acquired.
  • Buy at or below replacement cost properties that offer opportunities to increase rent, raise occupancies, reduce concessions, and lower expenses.
  • Target the Canadian market, which has exhibited consistently high job growth potential and strong fundamentals.
  • Focus on larger transactions (between $30 million to $80 million) to limit competition from smaller players.
  • Utilize a conservative, long-term, and highly competitive debt – typically 30-40% LTV.

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